14 mayo, 2015

How Clever Lighting and Graphics Can Give New Life to Outdated Buildings

4s Team

ESI Design has extensive expertise collaborating with architects, developers and brands to create compelling, dynamic media experiences that seamlessly integrate with the built environment. From the Reuters Sign at 3 Times Square to our recent work with Barclays Center, we provide a turnkey solution that integrates design of the display, software and systems and media content experience.

Our experienced team of physical and media designers explores every aspect of the physical environment then responds to its unique visual design challenges in order to create an innovative, dynamic and memorable experience. ESI technical and physical designers work with the architectural team from the very beginning to identify the appropriate location, size, shape, and specification of the media displays.
ESI designs and produces the systems and software needed to run large, interactive media experiences. From simple ambient experiences to more complex solutions that integrate dynamic data feeds or participation from the audience, customized systems solutions guarantee that the media experience remains fresh and flexible.
We excel in creating brand experiences that deliver the right message, for the right audience, at the right scale. ESI content creation begins with an in-depth exploration of the brand and audience. Equipped with this knowledge of the brand, the space, and the visitor experience, ESI brings the brand to life through compelling storytelling experiences.
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